Resources7 Unexpected PPC + SEO Strategies for Growth Marketing

7 Unexpected PPC + SEO Strategies for Growth Marketing

All digital marketing strategies work together to increase visibility, but PPC and SEO touch all levels of the digital marketing trifecta. Paid media is among the best ways to promote your brand and deliver your message to your target audience, while good SEO and content strategies form the  controllable elements of your digital marketing strategy.

This eBook published by BrandVerity explores seven ways to use these two powerful channels together to drive more successful business results, increase brand visibility, and control your brand story.

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • Specific tips and tactics to better coordinate your PPC and SEO efforts.
  • How to successfully share keyword data across both channels to improve performance.
  • Why you need to prioritize Quality Score.
  • The perils of underestimating the value of SEO.
  • Why providing a cohesive message will help promote brand loyalty.


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