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Best tools for monitoring backlinks

A great link building strategy works wonders for the SEO performance of a website. If not monitored properly, the presence of bad quality links on the website can ruin the online reputation of the site as it can be identified as a black hat SEO move. In this post, we review some of the top SEO tools for monitoring backlinks.

A great link building strategy works wonders for the SEO performance of a website. Helping websites gain traffic, these backlinks are expected to be high-quality because search engines weigh them when it comes to the ranking of a website.

Ensuring that your website is sporting high-quality and authentic backlinks is crucial. If not monitored properly, the presence of bad quality links on the website can ruin the online reputation of the site as it can be identified as a black hat SEO move. For this purpose, the SEO domain offers some pretty amazing backlinks monitoring tools that help you monitor the link profile of your site and make sure that everything is as per a standard link building strategy.

Let’s check them out.


GrowthBar is a Chrome extension that “lives in the search engine results page, so you can gain competitive insights for every website and keyword on Earth, FAST.”

It’s so easy to get lost digging through data and pulling reports when doing SEO research with some of the larger software tools like Moz, Ahrefs and SEMRush.

GrowthBar strips away all the massive keyword lists, complicated dashboards and displays just the key information you need right in front of you while you’re browsing Google. You can easily explore your competitors’ backlinks, identify the keywords bringing in traffic, social signals, look at their Facebook ads, plus a ton more.


Ahrefs primarily offers tools to grow your search traffic and research your competitors while you monitor your niche. Its backlink research tool is powered with the world’s largest index of live backlinks. The service’s robots crawl 4 billion web pages every  24 hours. They also update this index every 15 minutes so that everything is caught up.

To use Ahrefs tool for your site, you simply need to enter your site’s URL into the site explorer tool and you’ll see all its backlinks along with some useful SEO metrics such as the quality of these links. The tool also offers several advanced reports and filters to provide you with more information.

Majestic SEO

The service is very popular among online marketers when they have to take care of the link building aspect of their sites or the sites of their respective clients.

Its backlink history checker tool runs the web robots to determine the number of backlinks for given domains, subdomains, or URLs.  If you are looking to compare up to 5 domains for their backlink performance, the tool will let you do so.

Offering time-specific charts for your external links and referring domains along with the analysis of the types of backlinks that run to your site, MajesticSEO is a viable link tool.

SEO PowerSuite

Offering profound link analysis service, SEO PowerSuite helps its users find, monitor, analyze, and compare all the backlink data so that they can effectively accomplish link building for their websites.

The service’s SEO SpyGlass tool provides new link-building opportunities for its subscribers with the help of 50+ backlink factors available for analyzing the performance of these backlinks. It also offers different types of backlink reports that you can further customize and share.

Claiming to have the world’s largest backlink index on the Web, the tool lets you find and neutralize harmful backlinks present on your site with its Anti-Penalty Link Audit. You can also run a deep link quality analysis to make sure that your links are functional in accordance with the Google algorithm changes.


The tool has been helping its users monitor their website backlinks 24/7 by offering robust link management services. It notifies its users over the loss and gain of links along with the analysis of the site’s link profile with tons of metrics. This analysis helps the site owners figure out the backlinks that are valuable and the ones that are harmful for the site’s keyword positions and traffic. It even helps you get rid of the bad links by disavowing them.

Monitoring the backlink strategy of your competitors is just as important as building one for yourself, as claimed by several blogging guides and website resources. Linkody provides you insights into your competitors’ link building strategies so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Linkody’s main SEO tool is the Backlink Checker that can be used to check 5 unique domains per week. It is available for a 30-day free trial.


Helping you understand your Link profile better, Kerboo employs multiple data sources to come up with a highly accurate one true view of the link performance at your site.

While you encounter bad links on your site with the tool, you can create a disavow file that will tell Google that these are the certain links that are no longer needed to be considered towards ranking factors on your site.

The Link Audit feature of the tool identifies the strengths, weaknesses, and risks in your link profile, and offers the service of getting work done by their team.

Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks helps you find the good and bad backlinks on your site and even monitor your competitors link building strategy.

The service tells you about the relevant, high-quality sites that you can contact for outreach and link building. If one of your ads or guest posting links has been removed from a site, the tool will notify you. Helping you ward off negative SEO penalties, the tool also offers the feature of disavowing bad links.

The service features an easy to use dashboard that will help you drive insights into the site’s traffic, backlinks changes, and keyword rankings. It also provides useful and customizable reports analyzing the patterns across the backlinks with its comprehensive filters.

The best thing about this tool: it aggregates metrics from the best data sources (like Majestic and Moz) in one place so that you can manage them efficiently with useful tags, filters, notes, and import/export.

In sum

All the above-mentioned backlinks monitoring tools have their established reputation in the online marketing community. Offering different versions for your site’s link profile management, these tools have been steadily working their way to improve your site’s overall ranking and enhancing its SEO. Having quality links on your website is integral to its success as well as the fact that they help new visitors find your website. Some of these backlinks monitoring tools mentioned above will help you ensure that’s the case.

Pawan Sahu is a Digital Marketer and blogger at MarkupTrend.


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