Resources2018 Future of Marketing and AI Survey Report

2018 Future of Marketing and AI Survey Report

AI is allowing marketers to make better decisions—the single most important output they produce for their companies. Better decisions are why marketers get ahead and why they get promoted to higher levels of responsibility. BrightEdge wants everyone around us to make better decisions–from our execs to engineers to customer service colleagues; we wish them all to make better decisions because that is how we collectively succeed as a community.

In this latest report, BrightEdge surveyed more than 500 search, content, and digital marketers to gain insights into how brands are using AI to deliver a more personalized customer experience.

Key findings:

  • Marketers set to use AI to develop their content marketing strategies
  • AI is enabling marketers to understand the customer, drive productivity, and create better performing content
  • Obstacles to AI adoption provides a wake-up call for MarTech

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